I'm an animator with a specialty in games but first and foremost, I am a storyteller.

Born and raised in Paraguay, South America, I draw a lot of inspiration for my work from my culture's folklore and oral traditions. I believe storytelling is crucial in giving direction to one's work and helps bring it to life.

Encouraging diversity and equity in design is one of my passions and has driven me to reach out to international groups (IGDA Paraguay) and volunteer in my community (co-director at Dames Making Games) to promote animation and game development as a field of study and expression. This has given me unique opportunities, such as being a recipient for the 2016 IGDA scholarship and attending GDC (Game Developers conference) where I met many other members of my community from around the world. I believe that celebrating our differences in creative media can nurture the eagerness of those who are new to the field and inspire existing artists.

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